An important distinction between Integrity Rebar Placers and other firms is our knowledge of, and experience in, heavy highway construction. We have reinforced more than 145 bridges of various size and scale. From remote highway and railroad bridges to congested, multi-level urban interchanges, IRP has repeatedly proven its ability to safely and quickly complete all types of bridge construction projects.

Although Integrity Rebar Placers specializes in heavy highway construction, we are a full-service rebar contractor that has been reinforcing for clients in the public and private sectors since its inception in 2004. We offer a comprehensive range of reinforcing services to clients across industries and for a full spectrum of project types. From water treatment plants, commercial buildings, power stations and reservoirs, we have the right staff to get the work done safely and efficiently. Please see our projects page for a sample of our completed and ongoing work.

Commitment to Safety

Integrity Rebar Placers has a strong commitment to the safety of our employees. Maintaining a safe work environment is a critical part of our culture and an integral part of our daily routine.

Supervisors at all levels undergo frequent training to maintain and improve their safety management skills. Our Field Foremen conduct weekly safety meetings (tailgate meetings) at each job to ensure a safe work environment and to discuss particular job specific safety hazards.

All of our field employees are members of the Reinforcing Ironworkers Local 416. This ensures an experienced and trained workforce is in place. The Ironworkers Union has a 4 year apprenticeship program that includes 700 hours of in-class training.

All of our Field Foremen are trained and certified in CPR and first-aid.

In addition to our internal safety program, we have partnered with Smart Safety Group to provide independent safety audits and inspections of our crews. Smart Safety Group meets with our safety committee monthly and provides our foreman with additional training as topics arise.